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XKRUG is your partner for Individual Automotive Turnkey Solutions. We offer best working systems from development, verification, validation and finally to system maintenance.



Our proof of concept (PoC) is the realization of a certain method or

idea to demonstrate its feasibility

or a demonstration in principle.

Proofof Concept 



Laboratory testing of automotive

systems is followed by in-vehicle

tests. Road testing shifts from initial

trials on dedicated proving grounds

to public roadways.



This enables the reuse of prior results

and thereby rapid iterations of

software designs.

+Rapid Prototypingfor ECUs

In-Vehicle Measurement Solutions

Project Management

Automotive CAD & CAM Development

We are focused on delivering the right measures to our costumers

Autonomous driving cars need to know exactly where they are, recognize the objects around it, and continuously calculate the optimal path for a safe driving experience. This situational and contextual awareness of the cars and their surroundings demands a powerful visual computing system that can merge data from cameras and other sensors, plus navigation sources, while also figuring out the safest path – all in real-time. Our main core is to enable this.

ADAS Development powered by XKRUG


23. - 25.2.2016

Visit us and our new booth at embedded world 2016

February 2016

We are proud to be a new partner of NVIDIA. NVIDIA Drive PX is the Development Platform for Autonomous Cars.

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